Gandalf - Love is the answer

Without God`s Light the son: Nothing would exist. Love, and light is our Creator. Our law. The eternal lesson. The bridge to Heaven. From Ashtar Command.

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What does Love and Light mean?


The metaphysical law of God=Love + Light=God.


You just read it. God=Love+Light=God.  

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This is the metaphysical arithmetic to the symbiosis of all.

The creation of life, and ethical code in this universe can be summarized in one paragraph to meditate upon. This is the unified theory of principles in science, philosophy, religion, ethics and morale:

The symbiosis of all life can metaphysicall be eqated: God=Love + Light=God.

God=life. The circle of life starts with 1.Sunlight, and continues with 2.Reproduction. Love and light. I tend to say; Light gives us form (f.i photosynthesis), and Love keeps us in form. Light makes life possible, while love keeps the circle of life going, but it could not have started if it was not for God`s representation as creator: The Divine Sun: The Creator from/in the Heavenlies. Light is God`s sun/son visible, sometimes incarnate in the universe. Which created us/life. The Son/Sun of God. Who owns it? Nobody! It`s GOD`s sun! In sacredness of the trinity comes therefore: God first, then comes Light, and then comes Love. But there would not be much fun to life if it was not for love, and love is undoubtedly the main purpose, and endproduct of life/creation/the source/the matrix/God. Therefore God (love) in turn = life = Love for God in return, and more Love! So it`s all about love! Also: Love = more Love/Sex by creating new lifeforms; keeping the circle of life going. We conclude that Love (and Light) is the most constructive concepts of all, and the most pure. Therefore Love is GOOD. So is light. But it all depends on how we utilize it. Source (God) , Love, and Light is the sacred trinity creator (circle of life) nothing would exist without. They love each other; creating all life: Symbiosis.

Light is Jesus the Sun. Love is the divine feminine. (And the Sacred Trinity has been throughout all comparative religions, and history long before Christianity)

1st lesson: The Law is the circle of life. First day of Creation: God was Love, and Light: And emanated thus (circle of) life – all the universe - from these! These are the two divines. The two eternals.

Alternative TRUE physics (not Einstein`s) built on the Dr. Nicola Tesla, and Dr. Wilhelm Reich: PROVE that the Source (field) is God`s emnation – being all timespace, and forces of physics: Everything atom, and all you have ever seen and been. 2nd lesson: God is a person in highest form, but the universe is his FIELD or THOUGHT. The keepers of the Law should study. Don`t believe what they teach you at school!

But these two (L&L) can metaphorically represent much more as we will discover. Scientists argue that the prime emotion of (God) the source-field is love/sex/life/reproduction. Love is the law. Love symbolize our compassion/morale/heart, and light symbolize our intellect/will/brain. These are the two divine attributes of man that scientifically distinguish us from animals. We are made anatomically perfect. Billions of religious visions throughout all human history testify humanity is made in the image of the Infinite Creator, and we can thus hypothesize: Mankind`s Love/compassion + Light/intellect = God. And it started vice versa. Think about it. Love and Enlightenment is what every person deeply seeks to be whole and ascend into Godhood. To think that the ancient Christian, and Gnostic teaching of ascension is written in the law. We ascend via emotional liberation through deep love, and through mental liberation through attaining perfect enlightenment; and then we become God/ascend. Understand? So mankind=God because of brain and heart. Just like Jesus told us: Ye are Gods.

3rd lesson: The Law of Love, and Light distinguish us from animals, and prove us Gods in the Creator`s image.

Also. Listen to this: Combine love and intellect/light, and you get morale! So we live inside a matrix. What is it`s end-product? It`s goal? I say that Source, Love, and Light synthesize into a universe of harmony/wisdom/balance with a strong emphasis on sex and survival. This is the mind of the creator. It`s goal can also be: Man, and his light and love; which leads to ascension. So ascension is the goal of the (source) matrix. As I said: God= Love and Light = Man, and Man = Love and Light = God. Return to the Source (Heaven.) Mankind is afterall: The flower of all evolution.

4th lesson: The law is the foundation of all morale and law.

To think that the metaphysical law that creates morale happens to be the law that creates the circle of life.

What a law. This is the law of the NWO that Bush senior envisioned in his 1991 speech. It is not the law of the jungle (do what thy wilt). I like to call it the law of civilization and order it because compassion+intellect=God, and shows God`s orderly, perfect nature; in so that encourage us as a principle that structurizes society.

I believe God IS this law, and that creation (flower of life) is the construct in which this law appears. God gave encoded us with this law; visible in the stars, ourselves, the microcosmos, and the macrocosmos; for those who can think in paraples, and metaphysical concepts. When mankind realizes this law; golden-age civilization follows; anywhere in the universe. The last time that happened was Atlantis.

5th lesson. The law is God, and God is eternal.

It can be made into a philosophical formula/equation: God = (the circle of) Life = love + light. God = Love + Light = Man, and vice versa. Love/compassion + LightIntellect = morale.

And as a metaphor: Man (light) + Woman (love) = Creator (New life/baby). The great secret of the gnostics. Man, and women are polarized parts of the whole that need to come together… Even the hindus teach that orgasm=Unity with God whereupon they shout ¨I am Shiva!¨ Shiva is ironically Lucifer in comparative mythology.

Another metaphorical concept comes to view in how the ancients genderized all things. Water + Fire (f.i magma) = Life. Etc. Etc. Etc.

The Law metaphysically applies to creation in nature through love being female, and man being light.

6th lesson. Sex is sacred. Love (woman) and man (light) = the blissful union with God when becoming creator`s (making babies) themselves. Becoming whole – as God is androgynous.

What I want you to remember is that we are all part of a source-field that constitutes all the forces of physics. This source-field = positive sexual-energy as hypothesized by myself, Dr. Wilhelm Reich, and others. All life energy=negative, or positive sexual energy. The dark side of the force is simply dead, or deleted parts of the Matrix. (Deleted timelines, and files in the netherworld, the Daath of the Sephiroth; ergo the Daath side of the force.)

7th lesson: All Source energy= positive, or negative sexual organic energy. (POR and DOR) Positive Orgone and Dead Orgone as defined by Dr. Wilhelm Reich.

So now you have discovered the future, eternal principle that unites religion, science and philosophy.

I will emphasize a bit: Love is akin to the word law. Quite a coincidence, as love/sex is the purpose, and endproduct of all other laws of the universe. Love is law, and means morale, respect, social kindness and care. In symbolism it can also mean water, the divine feminine, venus, and the moon etc.

Light means truth, enlightenment, spreading of knowledge, exchange of ideas, peace and order. In symbolism it can also mean fire, the divine masculine, the sun and Jupiter etc. The implications of synthesizing these archetypes to any field of thought, or science is simply majestic, and proves intelligent design in itself.

So you see: I discovered something similar to the Fibonacci sequence.

Love is the law; a language all religions can agree upon; and all ethnicities can understand. It traverses all borders, and is the hope of the beating heart: Common in everyone of us. Everlasting. Love is the hope of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Added to the law is honesty: You must follow your heart, as sin is sinning to your conscience. Gabriel told me that, and Gabriel, the messenger of the Gods; revealed this law to me.

Light makes flowers of love spread new seeds for a new sun next year. Just as the God, and his law of Light is eternal, and shines upon all.

Thomas Eidsaa finished writing this the 16th of the 12th month in the year 2018. The second I finished this; the minute struck 00.00, and a NEW-DAY was born.

The age of the law. The law of the age of the son/sun.

Have a blessed day! :)